Duodji textile exhibition at the Sami house


Sami House shows a Duodji textile exhibition lent out by RiddoDuottarMuseat and Sami Art Magazine.


The exhibition lasts from 1.2 to 1.4.2020.


The exhibition consists of eight textile duodji art objects created by the artists;


Gunhild Tjikkom, Inger Anna Huuva, Solveig Blind Labba and Anna-Stina Svakko.


Several of the works consisting of hats, mittens, ribbons and bags are from Jokkmokk, purchased by RDM's procurement scheme and the Sami Parliament's purchasing committee.


RiddoDuottarMuseat is a Sami museum foundation in West Finnmark that consists of four Sami museums and Sami art collection. The museums convey Sámi art, history, traditions and culture, as well as knowledge production and cultural diversity from coast to coast. RiddoDuottarMuseat manages over 9,000 Sami objects. This is the largest Sami cultural history collection in Norway. The collection presents business, household, clothing tradition, religion, duodji (crafts) and art originating throughout Sápmi.

The RiddoDuottarMuseat Museum Foundation consists of: The Sami Collections and the Sami Art Magazine in Karasjok, Kautokeino village hall, Porsanger museum and Kokelv Maritime Sami Museum in Kvalsund Municipality.



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