Prices and regulations for rental

1. Sami houses are primarily rented out for Sami activities according to the principle "first man to the mill". We rent out ordinary commercial to everyone.

2. All rental assignments to coordinator by mail;

3. For "free" rental, the coordinator can move the events between cafe, hall, meeting room and workshop to optimize use.

4. Sami house can be booked up to six months ahead. If a tenant wants to rent more than two weekends in the next six months, the coordinator must clarify with the board representative before entering into an agreement.

5. Sami houses are rented free for open non-commercial Sami activities.

Exceptions to Sami artistic activities that are normally free;

When renting for courses, the rent must be paid for, or the budget exceeds expenses, the Sami house must receive 10% of the course fee in rent compensation.

6. Tenants are responsible for the use of fixtures and fittings. The premises are returned the way they were given;

The tenant is responsible for clearing and garbage disposal. Bill of NOK 250-1000 can be invoiced if the premises are not returned in good condition.

7. Regular house rules apply for rest after 23:00 and until 06:00.

8. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours prior.

9. The rent must be paid no later than 24 hours before the event.

10. Tenants cannot use the house's debit card or checkout system.

11. Tenants themselves must apply for a grant for their open and closed arrangement


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