Sami Language Center

Background for the language center

  • Strengthen the use and interest in Sami language in the capital - Establish a Sami language arena and meeting place in Oslo
  • Offer Sami education for children, youth and adults - language courses - language cafes, language baths and other activities and measures to strengthen the language
  • Translating and interpreting - For municipalities, other institutions, associations and teams
  • Project work - Continuously assessed


The language center has completed the course - SAM-1031.  
Northern Sami as a foreign language: Introductory course 1. 20 ECTS Northern Sami as a foreign language: Introductory course 1. 20 ECTS Subject description . This course does not require any prior knowledge, but you should follow a group instruction or have someone to practice with. In the learning path we also refer to texts and pictures in Eira & Gaup: Ánin dánin - mu lohkangirji. Davvi Girji os 2008. There are also audio files based on this book. Oral and written exam.

Giellakursa dutnje gii
• tailor-made oil canvas, mohto it canvas
• fabricated oil canvas bures
• high-grade canvas oil

This language course suits you as;
• know quite a lot of sami but who does not speak the language
• understands sami quite well
• wants to speak sami in several contexts

Due to changes there are currently no acctivities in the language center.

Info on new courses will be given by easter 2020.


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