Sami Health Reunion for elders

Sami health care is a part of the work towards equal health and social services for the Sami population.

This will give increased quality of life, well-being and prevention of isolation in Sami elderly people in Oslo.

In the health meetings, there are lectures with health themes, some physical activity, social interaction and sharing meals.

It will also facilitate increased cooperation between Sami House and the care sector. It is a question of ensuring that Sami elders better health services in relation to the public service in Oslo and to make this group more visible.

The project manager who built up th health reunions for the sami elders was Inger Persson. Currently Liz Aslaksen is in charge for the reunions.

General inquiries

Booking inquiries

Dag Monsen

Maria F. Warsinska-Varsi
909 54 891

Project manager language center
Audun Lona
402 81 289

Healthcare manager
Liz Aslaksen
481 72 359

Opening hours

Tuesday 12-16.00
Wednesday 12-16.00
Thursday 12-16.00