Book launch of "Same and reindeer husbandry" with Øyvind Ravna on October 9


Samisk Hus invites to Book launch of "Same and reindeer husbandry" with Øyvind Ravna and Gyldendal publishers.

Organizer: Gyldendal in collaboration with Research Group for Same and Indigenous Law, UiT and Sami House, Oslo
Time: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at. 1800–2000 Program; Short presentation of the book Same and Reindeer Husbandry Law by Associate Professor Ánde Somby, UiT Norway's Arctic University Panel debate "Where does the international law threshold for intervention in reindeer grazing areas in connection with wind power establishment" go? Panelists; Kirsti Strøm Bull, Professor emerita, University of Oslo Tollef Taksdal, Deputy Director, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Debate and questions / submissions from the Chamber. It will be easy serving.

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