About the Sami House

Sami House Oslo is a social and cultural arena for all Sami in the Oslo region. Sami House is focused on the continuation of Sami language, culture and social life in the capital. Several Sami organizations stay at the house, and make sure to fill the program with Sami activities and content. Regular courses, meetings and cultural events are held on the premises throughout the year.

In September 2017, the Sami House will open in new premises at Dronningensgate 8b, to enhance the visibility of the Sami in the city. This is a major investment for Sami House to fulfill its potential as a general Sami cultural center and competence body in the capital. Sami House in Dronningensgate will become a modern face to Sami culture, language and identity in Oslo.

Samisk Hus in Oslo is run by funds allocated through the Sami Parliament, he Municipality of Oslo and Arts Council Norway. 

All projects require own funding. The house is largely run by voluntary forces, based on spirit of the day, and was created in its time as a place that all Sami people in Oslo could meet and collaborate. In 2011, work began to become an AS. In 2012, the Sami house opened in new premises at Schous Kulturbryggeri on Grünerløkka, after having lived in Akersgata 34 for a number of years. Many firefighters should be grateful to the Sami House for surviving and for the city's Sami population to have had a cultural meeting place since the 1980s.

We wish more young Saami people to take the initiative for events at Saami House. If you have an idea you want to raise, please contact us.


At Oslo Saami House, we are completely dependent on volunteers to keep the house open, whether it is to work at our events, bake cakes or keep the Saturday-cafe open.

Contact us if you want to become a volunteer and you can join our volunteer group at our Facebook-site.

We will consecutively advertise events and events on week nights. Saturdays are reserved for events by- and with the organizations, volunteers and tenants.

Ownership structure

The Saami House is owned by the Saami Parliament (49%), as well as three local organizations; Oslo Sámiid Searvi, Samisk Sosialdemokratisk Forening and Samefolkets Parti.

Board 2019/2020
Per Olav Nymo - Chairman of the Board (Saami Parliament)
Ingemund Skålnes -Boardmember (Saami Parliament)
Anita Persdatter Ravna - Boardmember(OSS)
Ann Finbog - Boardmember (SáB)
Ruth Rasmussen - Boardmember (SSF)


Maria Fuglevaag Warsinska-Varsi - Coordinator, Saami House

Audun Lona - General manager, Language Center

Dag H. Monsen - Finance and Accounting

Liz Aslaksen - Health reunion project (substitute)

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General inquiries

Booking inquiries

Dag Monsen

Maria F. Warsinska-Varsi
909 54 891

Project manager language center
Audun Lona
402 81 289

Healthcare manager
Liz Aslaksen
481 72 359

Opening hours

Tuesday 12-16.00
Wednesday 12-16.00
Thursday 12-16.00